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Sheepskin Rug Washing & Care

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Shearling Sheepskin Cleaning & Care

Sheepskin is a natural pelt that features sueded leather on one side and soft, plush wool on the other. Lightweight and luxuriously supple, sheepskin is one of nature's greatest sources of insulation. Its soft wool fibers are naturally thermostatic, wicking away moisture for year-round comfort and breathability. Shearling is simply sheepskin with the wool shorn slightly to create a uniform look and feel.When cared for properly, a quality shearling sheepskin garment or home décor item can last a lifetime. Follow the simple cleaning and care rules detailed below to enjoy years of comfort and style.

  • Store away from direct sunlight.

  • Store in breathable cloth bags - never in plastic, PEVA, or vinyl.

  • Keep away from high heat sources, such as blow dryers and radiators.

  • Do not rub or brush sheepskin when it's wet, only when is dry.

  • For deep cleaning always go to a cleaner that specializes in leather, sheepskin, or fur.