Follkee small family buissness

The  Follkee boutique is more than a shop; it is a haven for those who seek warmth, sustainability, and a touch of magic.

The Follkee Wool Boutique is a modest sustainable family business. (Meet Our Crafters)

Why Wool? Our heritage is rooted in mountains and sheep. The Follkee family deeply appreciates the beauty of animals, and their farming legacy spans generations. Inspired by their father’s respect for all living things, they brought his love of farming life to Follkee, creating an exceptional and sustainable business.

Our Mission: At Follkee, we craft products in harmony with nature. We’ve established special relationships with domestic and European farmers, where trust and friendship are paramount. In every item we create, we follow responsible and sustainable processes. We use raw materials from mountain and farm-raised animals, adhering to worldwide regulations for safe and ethical farming practices. Our eco-friendly 🌿 tanning process employs plant-based agents, and we ensure a zero-waste environment by utilizing by-products. Even our packaging is fully recyclable.

Follkee, founded in 1994, is a family-owned lifestyle company. Their office and warehouse in Chicago, USA, are operated by the kids, while their manufacturing facilities reside in the heart of Poland’s Carpathian mountains in “Podhale.”⛰️

The boutique itself is a symphony of textures. Sheepskin rugs adorn the wooden floor, inviting visitors to sink their toes into their softness.

Explore the Follkee Wool Boutique’s exquisite sheepskin products:

- Natural Merino/Alpaca Wool Socks

Sheepskin Rugs (Perfect for chilly nights and porch)

Sheepskin Wool Slippers/ Boots (earthy colors, grounding shoes)

Remember, every purchase supports hard-working people with fair pay. At Follkee, warmth isn’t just in the wool—it’s in the hearts of those who create it. 🐑❤️