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Medical Sheepskin Rug| Natural Healthy Relugan Sheepskin Throw| Baby Throw| ECO-PACKING Sheepskin Fur| Bed pad

Medical Sheepskin Rug| Natural Healthy Relugan Sheepskin Throw| Baby Throw| ECO-PACKING Sheepskin Fur| Bed pad

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★ Sizes are approximate since this is an all-natural product and has the shape of sheep★

Medium size approximately 39inch x 26in
Large size approx 42-44in x 28in
Length is measured diagonally
If You have certain expectations please feel free to ask and we will answer based on Our 40 years of experience.

Relugan sheepskin is a type of sheepskin that is tanned using a special chrome-free tanning process called Relugan®. This process gives the sheepskin a distinctive gold color and makes it soft, supple, and washable. Relugan sheepskin is often used for medical applications, such as for people who are bedridden or have sensitive skin. It is also popular for use in homes and cars, as it is both comfortable and stylish.

Sheepskin is a perfect option for families with small children or elderly people.
Its health properties are commonly known. So it's not only elegant but also good for your body.

The key benefits of Relugan sheepskin:

- plant-based dying process, chemical free, preserving natural Lanolin
- lanolin is a natural oil derived from sheep's wool and is known for its wide range of
benefits for dry, cracked, or irritated skin.
- Soft and comfortable: Relugan sheepskin is naturally soft and comfortable to the
touch, making it ideal for use in homes and cars.
- Washable: Relugan sheepskin is washable, making it easy to keep clean.
- Durable: Relugan sheepskin is durable and can last for many years.
- Hypoallergenic: Relugan sheepskin is hypoallergenic, making it a good choice for
people with allergies.
- Therapeutic: Relugan sheepskin is said to have therapeutic benefits, such as
reducing pressure sores and improving circulation.

This is a sustainable product, we don't farm for fur and we work hard to make this all happen.
If you have questions please feel free to ask.

Key Features:

100% Original Sustainable Sheepskin Rug - Genuine Leather
Color: All Natural as pictured
Anti-slip Backing leather - color yellow natural
Fully cleaned using an eco-friendly process
Fast shipping in USA/ Small Family Owned Company
Made in Poland

About Our Product:

Our real sheepskins are sourced ethically from the best farms around the world. Our product is fully cleaned through environment-friendly processes. Soft fluffy wool anti-slip backing and natural shape.

Our Company Follkee has been manufacturing sheep skin products since 1980.
This product will add warmth and texture to your house and would be an amazing completion of your design


We ship on the next business day from our Chicago-based Warehouse. Our delivery time is 2 to 4 business days or earlier. Tracking is available through your Etsy order history.
We use USPS priority service with tracking no.
We use recyclable and sustainable packing avoiding plastic as much as we can.


We are a 100% customer satisfaction company, we stand behind our product and our return policy is 30 days on the new unused product with tags attached. However, if a return is not our fault we will be charging a shipping and handling fee for this product of $19.78 each additional piece is $6.98, shipping is expensive these are large 24x9x9 packages. Before purchasing please make sure that you have read Our product description and purchasing You agree to it.

Contact us:
If You have any questions feel free to contact us, and I will answer promptly.

Thank You, Follkee Family Team ♡
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