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Follkee Beautiful White SHEEPSKIN Rug Sheepskin Throw/ Natural Wool

Follkee Beautiful White SHEEPSKIN Rug Sheepskin Throw/ Natural Wool

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Genuine Natural Ivory White Sheepskin Rug.

About Our Product:

DIMENSIONS OF RUGS (measured on fur site, longest and widest places) :

MADE OF 4 SHEEPSKINS-200cm x 115cm (78,7 inches x 45,2 inches)
MADE OF 6 SHEEPSKINS-200cm x 150cm (78,7 inches x 59 inches)

Our real sheepskins are sourced ethically from the best farms around the world. Our product is fully cleaned through environment-friendly processes. Sheepskin has soft fluffy long hair, anti-slip backing leather, and a natural shape.

Since this is a natural product, shade shape, and wool/hair length will vary, however as much as we can we will make sure that quality is outstanding.

This product will add warmth and texture to your living room or bedroom and would be an amazing completion of your design.

Health Benefits:
Natural sheepskin possesses numerous health benefits: it promotes restful sleep, is soothing and calming, thanks to warmth promotes blood circulation, provides relief to pressure points and achy limbs, is kind to skin, and is bacteria repellent. Sheepskins are child and infant-friendly and have hypoallergenic properties. Also serves as a great pet bed and throw.

Key Features:

100% Original Sheepskin Rug - Genuine Leather
Color: Ivory White
Size: 78,7 inches x 45,2 inches or 78,7 inches x 59 inches
Anti-slip Backing is a natural leather property, there are no artificial grippers.
Soft Shiny hairs
Fully bio cleaned
Fast shipping in the USA
Free and Easy returns
Made of recyclable material and fully biodegradable


We are a 100% customer satisfaction company, we stand behind our product and our return policy is 30 days on the new unused product with tags attached. However, if a return is not our fault we will be charging a shipping fee for this product of $19.99 per piece, and $6 for each additional piece. Shipping is expensive these are large 24x9x9 packages. Before purchasing please make sure that you have read Our product description and purchasing You agree to it.

Contact us:
If you have any queries, feel free to contact us, and we will answer promptly.

Thank you, Follkee Team ♡
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