Undyed all Natural Sheepskin has Organic and Eco-friendly nature, what are the benefits of sheepskin?

Here are the key details and benefits of undyed sheepskin decor from Follkee  🐑 🐑 🐑

  • Handcrafted Quality:
    • Our Follkee Family Crafters meticulously handcraft each piece, ensuring exceptional quality.
  1. Natural Variability, color pattern as nature intended, pure and unique.
  2. Lanolin-Rich Wool:
    •  wool is rich in lanolin, a natural waxy substance with various health benefits that is used in high-quality cosmetics and beauty products.
  3. Sustainability:
    • Sheepskins are a byproduct of the meat industry, making them 100% sustainable.
    • They are fully biodegradable, reducing our carbon footprint.
  4. Natural Scent:
    • Undyed pieces retain the natural smell of lanolin, which fades over time.
  5.  We Use only Verified Sourcing and use handcrafting processing methods that are eco-friendly and environmentally conscious:
    • Sweden - gotland and melerade
    • German and Belgian Merino
    • American Jacob Sheep
    • White Icelandic Sheep
    • Irish Galway Sheep
    • Australian Sheep
  6. Since every sheepskin is unique, Our Follkee Team works hard to list them individually.
  7. Health Benefits  
    • comfort for pressure points and bed sores prevention (drawing moisture away from skin)
    • lanolin helps with soothing inflamed and flaking skin 
    • temperature regulation wool is good for summer and winter
    • repels dirt and bacteria, dust mites and bed bugs
    • sheepskins promote sleep by soothing and temperature regulation
    • increases blood circulation (wool socks, wool gloves)

Enjoy your sustainable and cozy sheepskin decor, knowing that it’s both beautiful and environmentally conscious! 🌿🐑

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